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Howard Hansen Dam

Howard Hansen dam is a leaking earthen embankment structure located above Tacoma and nearby cities in the southern Puget Sound region of Washington State. The dam was completed in 1961 with the primary purpose of flood control and providing water to Tacoma and the Green River Valley. In January of 2009 the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) discovered seepage and two surface depressions in the right abutment of the dam, suggestive of internal erosion of the embankment by the seepage. Although the USACE does not believe the dam is at immediate risk of failing in any style similar to the Teton dam, concerns about its potential for failure have led to the injection of a grout curtain within the embankment, the drawdown of the resevoir levels behind the dam, and the installation of a host of new monitoring technologies, include high-precision GPS monitoring of 10 points around the dam operated by the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array at Central Washington University

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